A empresa desenvolve projetos complementares compatibilizados com a arquitetura. São eles:

Structural Projects:

  • Metal frame designs for mezzanines, roofs and special structures
  • Reports and structural reinforcements
  • Design in reinforced concrete structures for new buildings and renovations


Electrical and Allied Projects (projects of all the specialties of the area since):

  • Structured cabling (voice and data)
  • Common electric and stabilized energy design
  • Lighting Projects
  • Patrimonial security installations (Closed Circuit TV-CCTV, alarm, access control)


Air Conditioning Projects:

  • Air conditioning and exhaust / ventilation projects, from individual splits to central equipment (Splitões, Selfs) to advanced systems (VRF)

Hydrosanitary Projects:

  • Cold water projects including reuse of water and sewage facilities in all its subsystems


Fire Protection Design (PPCI):

  • Approvals and Regularizations
  • Design and dimensioning of sprinklers and hydrants, emergency signaling, smoke detection, fire alarm, emergency exits
  • Reports


Budget and Planning of Works:

  • Elaboration of budget of works, including systematic required by public agencies, and physical-financial schedules of works